Saturday, March 15, 2008

A sneak peak of our backyard project

Plans in the works to replace the gate in the background & to lay down some sod/grass in the middle of the driveway, level the backyard, install sprinklers and landscape the backyard.

The shrubs on the left side were planted 4 years ago.

Pictures taken 3-15-2008. Yay! Our new driveway

Finally, it's time to level our backyard, so we can do some more landscaping.
Note:We planted the shrubs around our property fence line about 4 years ago.

John carefully inspects the recently plowed ground. It needs more work.

Bay & Steve

Lee, thanks for loaning us your Bobcat.

We're working here... Leveling the ground in the very back yard.

Teamwork! John & Steve/Daddy.

The shrubs in the background will grow another 4 to 6 ft taller.

Thinking time/Day dreaming

I can hardly wait to plant those fruit trees, flowers, veggies, etc.

Sigh, we didn't get as far as we like on the backyard today. We're making progress! =)

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