Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pasadena Lower Arroyo

Pictures taken March 9, 2008. Colorado Street Bridge seen from the Lower Seco below.

Yay, our new Graco Quattro Tour Dou Stroller in Ionic arrived just in time for this weekend.

Ahh, the sound of water following.

Pictures of the Colorado Street Bridge a view from below.

As of today Sarah is 3 months, 22 days old.

We love this onies. Cupcakes yummy!

Thank you grandma & grandpa.
Mom & Dad, Remember all those cupcakes we used to bake and decorate. One of my childhood favorite memories. I still love to bake cupcakes!

Pasadena Lower Arroyo, trail.

Steve with Sarah in the stroller.

Thanks Steve/Honey for taking my picture.

Snap! Gotcha...

This way...

Note: Monkey is in the stroller's basket.

If John keeps it up, he is going to wear out these shoes before he has a chance to out grow them.

We're ready to go home.

Almost back to the car.
We should have a picnic around here & ride our bikes here from the house some day.

Oh, baby sitters...

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Liz said...

Love these family outing photos. Sarah has the most gorgeous eyes! I totally believe you that John will wear out his shoes before he grows into them. You and I share another common passion -- CUPCAKES! Did you see all the links to cupcakes on Eva's blog??