Sunday, March 30, 2008

LAPBCo bricks found in Pasadena, California

Brand: LAPCo
Company: Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company.

These bricks were found in our backyard in the ground only a few inches from the surface.

The top of this brick has a glazed finish.

I wonder if we will find anymore interesting things in our backyard from the past.

We found this interesting link about California bricks companies past to present.


Jake said...

Very interesting bit of backyard archaeology. I found this link in a quick Google search of LAPBCo, in which, incidentally, your post came up as the first hit.

Paul in SD said...

We have a Victorian cottage in San Diego. We found bricks with "LAPBCo" stamped in them and did some googling and found your blog. Right nifty bit of information, thank you.