Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Breakfast before returning home.

Picture taken July 28, 2007

John/Jack & grandpa

John/Jack is still teething.

We had such a wonderful time in Juneau, Alaska visiting family & friends. Everyone that we visit thanks for everything.

We can hardly wait to return to Juneau, Alaska next year.

Miscellaneous pictures of downtown Juneau, Alaska

Downtown Juneau, Alaska 2007 with Mt. Roberts Tramway going up.

Patsy Ann greeted arriving ships and passengers in the 1930s.

Tribute to Juneau's hard rock miners.

Mt Roberts Tramway Juneau, Alaska

Going up. View of downtown Juneau, Alaska
Picture taken July 27, 2007

Taku Smokery

Going up. A view of Gastineau Channel.

View of downtown Juneau, Alaska and Gastineau Channel from the top of the Mt. Roberts

John absorbing the view from on top of Mt. Roberts.

A kax adelix sitee
The Messenger or Sentry

This Tlingit-inspired tree carving. It is located near the Nature Center on Mt. Roberts.

Time to head on down from Mt. Roberts.

John/Jack & Donna walking downtown Juneau, Alaska.

Lunch at The Hanger

Mom say cheese or not...

John sitting next to his grandma. Picture taken at "The Hanger on the wharf".

John very first...

John/Jack's ouhy the next day 7-27-07

John very first trip to the E.R. 7-26-07

John/Jack's ouhy. Picture taken the next day 7-27-07

Steve in chalk & charcoal

Steve done in chalk & charcoal 7-26-07

Steve in water paper

Steve Juneau, Alaska July 26, 2007

Just one of many precious moments

Father & son walking together.

Steve & John a.k.a. Jack picture taken July 25, 2007 Airport Dike Trail Juneau, Alaska.

Airport Dike Trail, Juneau Alaska

Our family walk at the Airport Dike Trail Juneau, Alaska July 25, 2007

Airport Dike trail
This is one of John's favorite trails to go on a hike on.

Along the Airport Dike trail.

John eagerly starts his journey on the Airport Dike trail.

Far in the back is the Juneau Airport and further back is Mendenhall Glacier.

John a.k.a. Jack with his monkey.

Where do I start to explore first?

Exploring is hard work!

Need to rest my legs & absorb all this awesome view around me.


Fireweed one of my many favorites.

Juneau, Alaska is so beautiful...

Besides resting my pregnant body. I'm doing one of many things that I really love to do is gazing at the sky. (Sky watcher)

John & his monkey hanging around downtown

Don't mess with me. Or I'll sic Mojo the monkey after you... I'm going to count to three.

One, two, two and a half...

Picture taken July 24, 2007 inside the Library parking lot Juneau, Alaska.

The Wharf downtown Juneau, Alaska

The Wharf downtown Juneau, Alaska. Picture taken July 24, 2007

Closer view of the Merchants Wharf.

Inside the Merchants wharf mall is our favorite restaurant here in Juneau, Alaska "The Hanger on the Wharf".
Excellent food with fantastic service.

Just outside of one of our favorite restaurant, a view of float planes coming and going.

Float plane filled with tourists.

The Merchants Wharf from the main street side.

Library downtown Juneau, Alaska 7-24-07

Downtown library Juneau, Alaska. Library is located top floor. My favorite library with a fantastic view.

Picture taken July 24, 2007 library parking lot with view of downtown Juneau, Alaska.

A view from the Library parking lot of downtown Juneau, Alaska

Another view from the library parking lot of downtown Juneau, Alaska.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

First cousins reunion pictures

John a.k.a. Jack with all his first cousins. Picture taken Juneau, Alaska July 21, 2007

Everyone say cheese.