Friday, March 07, 2008

239 San Jose Street. Novato, California

Hamilton Air Force Base (Housing)
Theses pictures were taken 10-23-2002.

On 10-23-2002 Steve & I decided to drop by the old house to see if it was still there. And sure enough it was, so I took some quick snap shots of the place.
Thank you Steve. I
'm glad that we had taken the time during our vacation to briefly stop by.

From around 1983 to 1987, I lived in this house (the one on the left) with my Dad, mom and my sisters.

A side view of the house.

The rock under the oak tree was my favorite spot to day dream, relax, read, write, thinking, etc.

These pictures brings back so many memories.

Thank you Mom, Dad, and to my sisters.

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Liz said...

As a fellow military brat, I, too get sentimental about where I've lived. I often think about the housing we lived at in San Diego and Yokohama, Japan. Sigh...memories! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!