Saturday, March 08, 2008

Eaton Canyon, Pasadena, California

Happy Birthday to me...(Jodie/Mama)

Pictures taken March 8, 2008.
A perfect day for a family picnic & hike/walk.

John & Monkey leads the way.

John & Monkey on the far left side of the picture.

Note: Daddy/Steve is near John & Monkey. You can even see Steve's shadow in the picture near John.

Of course John just had to play in the water, before we went any further on our hike.

Nature walk/hike.

On your mark, get ready, set go!

John leading and heading back to the finish line/stream.

Go team go! Daddy and John running the for the finish line (back to the stream).

Our tot-trot marathon reward for first place with Daddy. Yay, team!

John search for aquatic insects and invertebrates, etc.

John certainly loves the great outdoors.

A moment before John decides to jump from off the rock!

John is having 2nd thoughts about going home.

Heading back to our car.

John is ready for his nap.

Thank you Steve, John & Sarah for bringing so much joy & love into my life.

Note: I will post pictures of Sarah 3-10-08.
I carried Sarah with the babybjour carrier all through our walk/hike. Sarah really enjoyed being outdoors and being so close to me. =) The few pictures that were taken of Sarah didn't turn out very good. (Blurred, etc) Sorry, our Little cupcake/sweetie/Sarah.

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