Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lassen National Forest, CA - Subway Cave

Pictures taken July 17, 2008.
Season Of Use - Cave is open late May through October. Closed during the winter months.

John standing at the entrance to Subway Cave.
(Devil's Doorway).

Devil's Doorway (Click on image to enlarge it).

Although the outer surface of the lava flow cooled and hardened rapidly, the inner lava was insulated from the cold air like coffee in a thermos bottle, and it remained fluid and continued to flow.

This inner molten material kept moving and soon drained out of its shell. As it continued to flow it left behind a dark hidden tunnel.

Only when the roof collapsed did the lava tube open. The jumble of rocks below was once the ceiling of the Subway Cave.

Continued down the stairway to the guided stops in the interior of the cave. Follow the map and read the descriptions.

John waiting for his flash to be handed to him.

Visibility is zero. Take a dependable flash light with you.

Wind tunnel.
Height varies from 6 to 17 feet.

The Sanctum
Length - 1,300 feet of winding lava tube. The total trail length is 1/3 mile.

Roof thickness varies from 8 to 24 feet.

Rattlesnake collapse
So close to the Subway Cave exit.

Lava bubble inside the cave.

Please treat all caves with respect as these fragile formations are easily damage.

"Cave softly and leave no trace of your visit"
Quote by - The Virtual Cave

Exit this way...
John loved climbing up and down these stairs.

A view from above the Exit Stairs Subway Cave.

Time to Hike back to our car.

We still have to check luggages into our hotel.

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