Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Natural Bridge

Rogue River Gorge National Forest, Oregon
Pictures taken July 15, 2008

It began as a...

River of Fire. When basaltic lava flowed from the fissures in the earth's surface and travel long distance through lava tubes.

Lava tubes develop when the upper surface of the basalt flow rapidly cools, causing the outer edges to splidify, while the hot inner lava continues to flow underneath. As the molten lava drains out, it leaves behind a long hollow tube.

Eventually, the river of fire was replaced by a...

River of Water.

The Rogue River entered a section of a lava tube, becoming a "hidden river" which flows below ground for 200 feet. In doing so it created a natural bridge that connects the bank of river.

Indians and early settlers used this natural bridge to cross the Rogue River.

Jodie with John taking close up picture of the lava tubes.
Photo taken by loving husband Steve.

Close up shot of some of the lava tubes. (This the picture that I took as Steve was taking our picture).

It's close to lunch time.

We will be back here later this week.

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