Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Smoky Crater Lake

Picture taken July 15, 2008.
It was a bit disappointing to see smoke all the way up here from all the recent fires from California. So we decided to do the drive around Crater Lake tomorrow. Hopefully it will be less smoky then.

Sarah's first visit to Crater Lake.

Not camera shy at all! =)

Also Steve & John's first visit to Crater Lake.

Even though the visibility wasn't exactly ideal at Crater Lake, we are grateful to be here...

Take 2 tomorrow. We're crossing our fingers that visibility will be better tomorrow.

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The Eye said...

Thanks for sharing. I see Sarah is starting to look more like her big brother and parents. John looks like an old travel pro now. He's had quite a busy life for such a youngster, and he appears to be lovin' it. As for the disappointing atmospheric conditions when you visited Crater Lake, look on the bright side - this is a new experience. Last time you were there, it was crystal clear, as it probably will be next time you go with your family. More crater lake pictures here and here. The first link has a few ground-level in clear conditions if you want to remember what that looks like. Some of the aerials show active fires burning in the immediate area around Crater Lake.

Happy trails.