Monday, April 14, 2008

Cinema 21 Theater, Pasadena, California

Picture taken 4-14-2008. Originally named Washington Theater.

Historic WASHINGTON THEATER - Cinema 21 Building 800 East Washington Blvd
Designed by Clarence Jay of Altadena & built in 1925, this two story brick Spanish Colonial Revival building represents a prominent historic architectural presence near the intersection of E. Washington Blvd. & North Lake Ave. The building is scheduled to be renovated.

Today we actually stopped to show our children one of the Theaters that Daddy/Steve used to go as a child here.


Barry said...

This was the theater I went to as a third and fourth grader, When I attended Washington Elementary and then Longfellow Elementary schools this theater was still the “Washington Theater”. We would go Saturday morning and stand in line that wound around the eastern side and UP the sidewalk… I liked that the side street went uphill for some goofy reason. We paid a quarter to get in and saw at least two films and serial and cartoon or two plus we always had to hit the refreshment counter to keep our excitement levels up! I always went with friends from either school and my brother. I lived at 1745 Los Robles when I went to Washington and 1163 N. Sierra Bonita when I was at Longfellow. The theater was between the two schools so it was nice for me both years. It was just a couple blocks west of Longfellow school, which is also on Washington Blvd.
I hope to do restore this theater to something like its former self. Right now, it looks pretty beat up! Thanks for posting these photos!

Kenneth Cremeans said...

I went here as a child also. There were apartments above the theater. My grandmother lived there and would take us to a movie as a treat. That was way back in the early 60's. So much has changed in Pasadena. Many of the places I remember as a kid growing up are gone. But as I Google map Pasadena I can still find many places as I remember them.