Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Airport Dike Trail, Juneau Alaska

Our family walk at the Airport Dike Trail Juneau, Alaska July 25, 2007

Airport Dike trail
This is one of John's favorite trails to go on a hike on.

Along the Airport Dike trail.

John eagerly starts his journey on the Airport Dike trail.

Far in the back is the Juneau Airport and further back is Mendenhall Glacier.

John a.k.a. Jack with his monkey.

Where do I start to explore first?

Exploring is hard work!

Need to rest my legs & absorb all this awesome view around me.


Fireweed one of my many favorites.

Juneau, Alaska is so beautiful...

Besides resting my pregnant body. I'm doing one of many things that I really love to do is gazing at the sky. (Sky watcher)

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