Friday, February 06, 2009

25 Random Things

Current mood: happy


1. I love tide pools.

2. Volcanoes fascinate me!

3. Some day I will learn how to play the violin/fiddle. It’s
on my bucket list.

4. I recently started playing my flute again.

5. I love growing flowers, especially roses & orchids.

6. I like to pamper myself with fresh cut flowers from our garden
or from the market & display them all around the house.

7. One of my favorite places to be is our garden admiring
the beauty.

8. Baking & cooking is one of my passions. Now if only I
can eat in moderation 75% plus each week. It’s all about making a choice.

9. I’m very fortunate to be married to some one (Steve Rhoades.)
that really appreciate & passionate about music as much as I do. We
certainly love going to a Live/band show as much as we can possible. All depends on time & money.

10. This year we are taking John & Sarah to their very
first Dodgers game. Go Dodgers!

11. I love road trips.

12. I enjoy getting my toe nails painted.

13. I love going on picnics.

14. My favorite great outdoor activities are biking, boating
or sailing, camping, fishing, hiking, horse back riding & sports.

15. For awhile I thought of deleting my four season’s blog
account, but recently I decided against it.

16. Every year I have to sale or give away some of my least
favorite books in order to make room for new books. Believe me it’s not an easy
task for me to part from my books.

17. I love the beach & learning much as I can about
marine biology.

18. I love waterfalls. I can sit or stand there for hours alone
or with love ones. (Family & friends)

19. I love old (classic) pick up trucks.

20. I love it when it rains.

21. I have a half older sister & 2 younger half sisters
I never met. (Some day I will meet my two younger half sisters). The older half
sister, I have no clue where she’s at).

22. I miss going horse back riding.

23. I prefer driving a car with manual than automatic.

24. I love going to Farmers’ Market, Swap meet, arts &
crafts shows.

25. Our walls in our house are bare. After the house expansion
& remodeling, we just ran out of energy. We have pictures/art in frames; we
just have to get around in securely placing them on the wall. So hopefully real
soon our walls won’t be bare for too long

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