Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eaton Canyon, Pasadena, California

Pictures taken 5-24-2008 at Eaton Canyon, Pasadena, California.
Steve & Jodie's quality time together hiking. Romance & adventure.

No matter how many times we come here together it never gets old, it's always a pleasure.

Just call us the nature lover of the great outdoors.

From the main trail looking down a picture of Steve admiring the view, while he is taking a picture. (Steve in the right side on the lower corner of the picture.)

A little detour from the trail for a closer look.

Okay, back to the trail.

One of the sights along the trail.

Photo courtesy from my loving husband/best friend/Steve. =)
It feels strange not wearing hiking boots. I definitely need to get a new pair of hiking boots. My last pair of hiking boots were past it's usefulness, that I had to wear one of my new Nike walking shoes. =P

Almost to the waterfalls.

The perfect spot for a picnic.

Location: Not to far from the water fall.

Closer view of the Eaton Canyon Falls.
We are such die-hard waterfall lovers.

Note: The ideal reading area for book lovers.

The old Mount Wilson toll road bridge. Closed to vehicles.

Looking down from the old bridge.

Time to head back.


Kim Thomas said...

How far up did you have to walk to see the falls? Where was the starting point?

Jodie said...

Hello Kim,
Here is a link with the info.

Have a wonderful day. =)