Monday, October 01, 2007

Disney California Adventure & Disneyland

Never mind brushing my hair. Lets go please! Yahoo, Disney California Adventure & Disneyland!

Candy Corn Acres at Disney California Adventure.

Sweet candy corn.

Candy corn carrots.

Candy corn grapes.

John at playing at Bountiful Valley Farm, Disney California Adventure.
Irrigation Station water play area gushes with fun.

Once again John is playing with water. =)

Ah, feels so good. Cool water on a really warm day!

Picture taken outside of the Haunted Mansion.
After so much fun at the Pirates of the Caribbean, we took John to the Haunted Mansion. Which he also enjoyed.


Picture taken September 30, 2007.
Before heading back home, we all watched the fireworks. =) We'll be back!

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