Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lessons Learned and Lived By

Here's some of my take on things at this point in life...

  • There is an important lesson in everything
  • Teachers are all around you
  • Lessons will be repeated, if necessary
  • You have a major role in designing the syllabus
  • We are part of a greater whole
  • We are no more important than sparrows
  • We have more responsbility than sparrows due to our potential for both good and evil
  • Integrity, honesty and love will save you from having regrets
  • Without service, your life will be meaningless
  • Everything is a gift
  • Not every gift can be returned
  • Everything is temporary, including our own lives
  • You can always make more money, you can't make more time
  • Everything can be transcended
  • We decide what it means
  • Life is not a passive process
  • We always get what we need when we are ready to move forward
  • Acknowledging that you have what you need and taking responsibility in using it is up to you
  • Your stress is your own responsibility, it is not up to anyone else to make yours go away
  • You have to slow down if you really intend to understand anything
  • Over-commiting is a great way to self-sabotage
  • Paying attention takes time. You can't move faster than the speed of life.
  • Life takes time.
  • Multi-tasking is over-rated, anything worth doing is worth getting your undivided attention
  • Having a to do list is not the same as having a life
  • Having a theory of breathing is not the same as breathing
  • Having a loving companion makes life a richer experience, but you still walk your path as an individual.
  • Love is all that matters.
  • Getting older is cool. Rocking cool.

  • - Laura Young

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